Hydrogel nanofilaments for biomedical application.

PI: Sylwia Pawłowska
Funding agency: National Science Centre (NCN)
Programme: Preludium 9
Grant period: 22th February 2016 – 21th February 2018

The aim of the project is to study the dynamics of polymer nano-objects deformation under the influence of mechanical and physical phenomena. The research project involves analysis of the behavior of highly deformable polymeric nanofilaments, produced by electrospinning technique, in various types of liquids and suspensions. The possibility of long flexible nano-objects penetration in different kinds of nanofluids such as suspension of nanoparticles is one of the main tasks included in the project. Furthermore, the influence of several factors (dimensions of nanofilaments, size and concentration of other nano-objects present in the studied medium, construction of channels and walls’ surface modifications, the velocity of the fluid with the suspended nano-objects) will also be investigated.
This study will allow us to fully understand and describe the behavior of flexible nanofilaments, and thus permit the verification of previously existing models and also help to understand and explain physical phenomena responsible for the folding and bending dynamics of long molecular objects (e.g. DNA, proteins) as well as the penetration of these objects into the cell. Data obtained from this research project will be the basis for the creation of biocompatible nano-objects that can become tools for the regeneration of tissues (e.g. neural tissue).

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