Investigation of blood clotting mechanism in the contact with nanofibers.

PI: Paweł Nakielski
Funding agency: National Science Centre (NCN)
Programme: Sonata 10
Grant period: 11th July 2016 – 10th July 2019

The main objective of the project is the analysis of blood clotting mechanisms when contact with polymer nanofibers occurs. Knowledge regarding platelets plug and fibrin clot formation is crucial in the assessment of the hemostatic potential of wound dressings. Despite a large number of experiments carried out using polymer materials, coagulation mechanisms are still not fully understood. Therefore, the use of various synthetic polymers, their blends with natural polymers of confirmed hemostatic effect e.g. collagen and gelatine, and additionally nanofibers made of natural polymer chitosan, will be investigated for their potential to stop bleeding.
Analysis of nanofibers’ surface modifications and its effect on wettability of the material and, most importantly, acceleration of platelets adhesion and aggregation will be an important objective of the project. The addition of drugs affecting coagulation cascade will help design delivery system acting locally and accelerating blood clot formation.

Paweł Nakielski Electrospinning Nanofiber Cells Scaffold Tissue Engineering Regeneration Drug Delivery Blood Cloting Fibrin Fibrinogen PLA PCL PLCL Red Cells Thrombin Hemostasis